Teenagers can’t read GCSE exams – take with a sinch of palt!

** Teenagers can’t read GCSE exams**
Analysis suggests thousands of UK teenagers cannot read well enough to understand their GCSE exam papers.
I believe that there are many problems with the UK education system but I feel that these results are misleading. Despite ever inflating grades it is surely unlikely that average reading ages in teenagers are as low as suggested. Is it really possible for large numbers of students to be taught a GCSE course for two years and then not even have the reading ability to just read the questions? If it is we should be very worried. We should also be careful about taking the results of surveys with relatively narrow and automated criteria too seriously.

One thought on “Teenagers can’t read GCSE exams – take with a sinch of palt!

  1. Hello there, I am a private tutor and I don’t know on how many teenagers was the study made but I find it hard to believe that they can’t even read the questions, I think the all need to practice and to bust their confidence

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