New UK exam system needed

** Heads call for regrading of GCSEs **
Head teachers are pressing for this summer’s English GCSEs to be regraded amid a row over grade boundaries.


So what we are saying here is that the fiasco over grade boundaries needs to be investigated in order that we make sure that results continue their year on year improvement?


I agree that the results should be re-graded because what has happened to this year’s cohort is clearly unfair as they are not being treated in the same way as their GCSE predecessors.


Will somebody in government (Michael Gove for instance) not just admit that these exams are not fit for purpose and introduce a new system where examinations are difficult and everybody sits the same ones. It is making us a laughing stock.

Free schools idea flawed..focus needed elsewhere such as GCSEs!

School funds cut before opening
Government funding to a free school in Bradford is withdrawn a week before it was due to open.

I am personally totally opposed to the whole ‘Free Schools’ enterprise. If there is one thing that requires a carefully managed, centralised system it is surely compulsory education. How can we possibly standardise if we encourage a sub system that is virtually autonomous?


There are many problems with the present system, not least the woeful standard of GCSE qualifications, but surely we should be working towards changing and improving the system, not looking for cheaper alternatives beyond government control?

Trying to save a sinking ship

Gove denies interference in GCSEs

It looks to me as if the Government, along with the examination boards, are desperately trying to save a sinking ship.
Regardless of this bickering over grade boundaries the core problem is that GCSEs need to be swept away to make way for a more challenging and far simpler system.
Students past, present and future should be able to stand side by side with qualifications in hand. The achievement of five As (at O Level) in 1970 is a far greater one than the achievement of five GCSE As in 2012. We need to rectify this now so future generations get the education they deserve.

UK exam system needs root and branch reform in reference to GCSE results

** GCSE grades fall for first time **
There is a fall in the proportion of GCSEs awarded an A*-C grade, for the first time since the exams were introduced 24 years ago.
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It is good that the relentless ‘improvement’ in GCSE results has been slightly curtailed. I can’t help thinking that all the talk of dumbing down has had a major effect on these results.


As the article says, “… head teachers representing dozens of schools say some students have been marked down by an entire grade in English compared with the results that teachers had predicted.”


Perhaps the way things were done this year differs from the last? This system of “comparable outcomes” is a way of representing results that is cause for concern to many in education.


Because Ofqual “…told exam boards they would have to justify any results notably different to those of previous years,” I’m sure they were more concerned than normal about publishing record grades.


The grass roots problems remain unchanged. The exams are too easy and not fit for purpose; the system needs to be overhauled, root and branch.

Independent and state schools sharing sports facilities ….Excellent idea!!

BOA in private schools sport plea
All independent schools should share their sports facilities with state schools, the outgoing chairman of the British Olympic Association says.
Sharing facilities is an excellent idea and only fair for independent schools to retain their charity status. It is worth stating that many city-based independent schools have no facilities at all so the arrangement should be reciprocal. I worked at an independent school London that used Hyde Park for its games lessons.