Good parenting boosts exam results

Parents key to exam success
Supportive parents are more important than good schools in boosting children’s exam results, a study suggests.
I agree entirely with this. As a father of three it is obvious to me that if you engage with your children both in play and help with school work they are clearly going to benefit. If you show an interest surely they too are much more likely to do so?

GCSE row just like playground bickering!

Heads warn GCSE battle goes on
Head teachers say they remain committed to legal action in the unresolved dispute over GCSE English grades.
Sometimes reading these stories reminds me of overheard conversations among schoolchildren. What hope have we got if institutions like Ofqual can’t just put their hands up and say they made a mistake; like adults? What they did was clearly wrong; they moved accepted goalposts at the eleventh hour. The reasons are now barely relevant – they just need to re-grade to make it fair for all of last year’s cohort, then learn from those mistakes and plan for the future. The fact that Wales is re-grading makes it doubly unfair on English candidates. Stop the bickering and do what’s right.