Ofsted warning over provision for school leavers


We need PROPER vocational skills taught in schools alongside core subjects. Help the less academic gain vocational skills whilst still having the opportunity to study mainstream academic subjects.

Gove on History curriculum changes…for once I agree!!

** Historians back Gove curriculum ** Some of the UKs leading historians endorse Education Secretary Michael Gove’s new history curriculum for schools in England.

For once I entirely agree with Mr Gove! As a History graduate myself I believe that a clear chronology is essential to understanding cause, effect and development. It seems to be creating opposition because it is difficult to achieve not because it is the wrong thing to do!




History should never be forgotten..it’s vital for our future!

** Overhaul school history, urge MPs **
School history lessons should be overhauled and a British history qualification brought in for 16-year-olds, a parliamentary group urges.

As a History graduate myself and somebody that retains a strong interest in History I am all too aware of the importance of the subject. An understanding of History is vital to gain understanding the present and is a blueprint for the future. The fact that schools are allowing students to drop history because they see it as ‘too tough’ demonstrates the madness of a purely grade driven education system. Education should be chiefly about learning not passing.
I wholeheartedly agree that students should be encouraged to analyse rather than learn by rote. Understanding why things happened is key to grasping their importance to the present and the future.
Whether History should be compulsory for sixteen year olds is a point for discussion but there should certainly be a more structured approach to teaching History prior to compulsory exams.