GCSE, CSE, O’Level Proposal U-Turn

From BBC website….

Michael Gove hints at dropping CSE plans

Education Secretary Michael Gove has hinted he may not introduce a new CSE-type exam alongside the expected return of O-levels……

I wholeheartedly welcomed these original suggested changes. It is about time we swept away dumbed-down GCSEs. I do, however, disagree that there should be a second level of exams for pupils deemed less able.
The whole point of an examination system should be to test and compare. Results in an examination should reflect the candidate’s ability. If an individual scores a low mark this shows their ability. These students should not be seen as underachievers, they should be helped to find their vocation in life.
Students who are unlikely to score well (or indeed any candidate who wants to) should be given the opportunity to learn practical skills at school in tandem with academic subjects. In that way a student who gets what society deems to be ‘bad’ results may emerge from school at sixteen with meaningful training towards becoming (for example) a tradesman.
For years I have been saying that there should be a single examining body; perhaps, finally, this might come into being.