Tech levels a positive step forward

Tech-levels to have A-level status


I think this is a very positive step by the government. It’s about time that more vocational qualifications are given more credibility. It is vital that the standard of these qualifications is established and maintained at a high level but this a very positive step away from the ‘passing’ culture we have got used to in the past two decades. Hopefully this is an admission by the government that not all students are suited to mainstream academics and that proper vocational opportunities need to be opened up. That is not to say that lower achieving students should be pushed towards a more vocational route, there are those who might be academic high fliers who would prefer a different course. Giving vocational qualifications credibility will also help the economy as the training they receive has the potential to reassure trade and industry that those that have come down this route have acquired worthwhile skills to a high standard. The key is to make sure that standards are set at a high level and maintained.




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