Teacher morale is extremely low right now – action required!

** Teachers who quit up by a fifth **
The number of teachers who quit their jobs in English state schools rose by almost a fifth in one year, according to government figures.
This is hardly surprising. Teacher morale is extremely low whatever the government would like us to think. The teaching profession has been increasingly undermined for years with the introduction of ever more complicated teaching structures, relentless inspection, an inability to discipline and constant criticism from above. Confidence is further undermined by suggestions that unqualified teachers be allowed to step in. De-regulation with free schools and academies only makes things more complicated and continues to knock away at the foundations of the profession. Current economic conditions have also exacerbated the problem through knee jerk pension cuts and pay freezes.
Teachers are the bedrock of future generations. However hard it is, the government needs to find a way not only of improving standards but also of paying teachers what they deserve along with guarantees on pensions. Morale would rise and teachers might remain teachers to properly educate our children. If morale and standards are low, so will be the calibre of school leavers.
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