Private tuition provides Winter warmer


According to education expert Nevil Chiles, founder of Kensington and Chelsea Tutors and recently launched online tutorial resource Webtutornet, now is the time that parents turn their attentions to the consideration of private tuition for their children.

“November and December are the months when most private tuition providers start to see an increase in demand,” explained Nevil “with initial feedback through school reports as to their children’s development and, for certain age groups, the prospect of increasingly important exams to prepare for.

“As we approach the end of the year parents, and in particular mums, are in a better position to assess where their children are and an increasing number are turning to private tutors to top up their child’s education out of school.

“Mothers are generally more aware of where the child is at in terms of their education and it’s they who invariably make the decision to opt for private tuition.

“The growth in the internet over the past decade is also giving parents the added option of tuition being delivered online and Webtutornet, which replicates the structure and approach of a scheduled home tutorial, is one of the most innovative in this respect,” added Nev.

It’s not just children who can benefit from private tution. Through Kensington and Chelsea Tutors (K&C Tutors), an agency that offers private tuition across London and the South East, Nevil has seen the age range of students extend significantly in recent years.

“We provide tuition for children aged 4 and upwards right up to pensioners who are either keen to support their own skills and knowledge or assist them in gaining additional qualifications through university or college courses.

“Some may only need one or two tutorials, either face to face or online, to tackle a specific aspect of a subject or a longer course that assists with an understanding of the fundamentals of a subject or subjects.

“The average is around one to two hours per week and the vast majority take something very tangible from private tuition which is reflected in improved exam results,” added Nevil, a former teacher with over two decades of experience within the education sector.

Nevil established K&C Tutors in 2002 and has interviewed and vetted well over 2,000 private tutors over the last decade. Webtutornet, the result of two years of technological development, mirrors the approach of a face to face tutorial using a safe and secure online connection between the student and tutor.

For more details visit and or follow on Twitter @webtutornet / @kandctutors

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