Online private tuition gets personal!



The desire for safety and security both online and in face-to-face tutorials is paramount


Mothers are overwhelmingly the driver in choosing private tuition for their children


The importance of online private tuition mirroring the conventional approach cannot be underestimated


The periods leading up to exams are when demand for private tuition is at its highest


Children are generally more technologically savvy and more open to the idea of learning through the web


Online and conventional private tuition produces tangible results leading to better educational outcomes


The rapport between student and tutor is critical to success. Lessons should be fun as well as informative!


The rapid growth in private tuition in the UK over the past decade has coincided with a corresponding rise in the number of online tuition resources and services available for students with Webtutornet as one of the latest and most innovative entrants into the market.


Established by education expert and former teacher Nevil Chiles, who founded the Kensington & Chelsea Tutors private tuition agency in 2002, Webtutornet is already proving to be a popular solution for parents such as mother of three, Erica Rifat, who explained:


“The single most important consideration as a parent is that the system is safe and secure. Webtutornet take this aspect very seriously.”


Nevil responded: “Mothers are predominantly the driver in choosing private tuition for their children. They are generally more engaged in their child’s educational development on a day to day basis and always demand the highest of standards. Through K&C Tutors we’ve interviewed over 2,000 tutors over the past decade with each and every successful tutor CRB checked and


Erica went on “Another great advantage of Webtutornet’s approach is that the lesson is at a fixed time mimicking the discipline required within a school environment or for a conventional home tuition visit. Your child has to be ready to start or they may miss part of the lesson and this is crucial to structuring their understanding.”


Nevil, who had the idea for Webtutornet over two years ago, commented: “We have tried to replicate every possible facet of a face to face meeting between teacher and student. Every tutor and student that registers receives a special pack that contains headphones, a webcam and a mouse pad and pen that allow tutor and pupil to access shared online resources both safely and securely during a tutorial. No software is required and it’s definitely not a Skype style approach.”


According to Nevil it’s the months leading up to the January and summer exams when demand for private tuition peaks.


“It’s common sense for parents to want their children to do as well as they can in exams. They are the single biggest indicator of educational achievements and a well structured and focused series of private tutorials, either face-to-face or online will be critical to achieving desired outcomes,” said Nev.


The growth in online tuition resources and methods mirrors the rapid rise in the role of the internet in all our lives as Erica admitted: “This is the way the Facebook generation have got used to communicating and it’s a process they’ve become very comfortable with as opposed to the parents who are still, on the whole, coming to terms with this sort of technology.


“Whilst I’m not exactly a technophobe it still feels that this technology is like something out of Tomorrow’s World and I’m sure that’s the case for many parents. It’s a sign of the times and the way the web is becoming increasingly ingrained in our lives.


“For children today all of this is completely normal and delivering private tuition through the web is rapidly becoming a norm,” she added.


The primary objective of private tuition is clearly to raise a student’s educational attainments within a specific or range of subjects. The key to success according to Nevil is the relationship that develops between tutor and student.


“Private tuition is a proven method of improving performance and that’s why it’s grown exponentially in recent years. Parents see and hear about the experiences of friends and colleagues and decide to put it into practice.


“It’s not a decision that’s taken lightly and they have to have an idea in mind of what they view as a successful outcome. It can be difficult to measure something as subjective as this but all of the feedback we get suggests that each course of private tuition leads to a rise of at least one grade, often more.


“However the success of private tuition is heavily dependant on the rapport that is created between tutor and student. This simply has to work both online and in person and making lessons fun and engaging, rather than dull and monotonous, is an essential part of private tuition,” added Nev.


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