Facing up to online private tuition

As pupils across the UK ready themselves for the new school year an ever growing number of parents are turning to private tutors to top up their children’s classroom education.


The recent launch of Webtutornet.com, the UK’s first dedicated, safe and secure online private tuition resource run by Kensington & Chelsea Tutors, could well change the face of private tuition forever.


Nevil Chiles, founder of K&C Tutors and an education expert with over two decades of experience as a teacher and tutor within the education sector, has spent two years developing the technology behind the idea and he’s already received a lot of positive feedback for this innovative approach.


Nevil explained “Over the last decade since launching K&C Tutors I’ve witnessed a rapid growth in the demand for private tuition from across the social spectrum.


“With the recently much publicised dip in GCSE and A Level results it is likely that this trend will continue regardless of the economic climate. After all who doesn’t want to give their child the best possible start in life?


“Webtutornet is an idea I’ve had for some time and I decided to develop it into a service back in 2010. Clearly the internet is playing a bigger part in our lives and there’s no reason why face to face private tuition can’t be delivered over the web, provided that the technology is right.


“It is important to note that this isn’t some Skype style approach; this software has been written to our specifications specifically for the purpose of delivering live lessons online.


“We have tried to replicate every possible facet of a face to face meeting between teacher and student. Every tutor and student that registers receives a special pack that contains headphones, a webcam and a mouse pad and pen that allow tutor and pupil to access shared online resources both safely and securely during a tutorial.


“There is no software to download as it is entirely web based,” added Nevil.


One Oxford-based mother who has already utilised the online tuition service remarked: “What a relief to find someone who was able to communicate clearly and effectively with my daughter, and all without me having to be a taxi service or wait around whilst lessons were going on. It was brilliant!”

Tutors have also been quick to sing the praises of Webtutornet with Maths teacher Angad Rihal commenting: “Webtutornet offers an innovative method for delivering lessons to students. As a tutor it provides me with unrivalled flexibility and helps to incorporate technology and IT into private teaching.”


For more details visit www.webtutornet.com.

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