Top Marks for Private Tuition when emphasis is on Fun!

Whether it’s getting your child to learn a completely new subject, or topping up their existing knowledge, private tuition offers a host of tangible benefits for parents.

You’ll find few stronger advocates of the process than Paula and Baden O’Connor from Kensington who have been using the services of Kensington and Chelsea Tutors for the past year to assist their 11 year old son and 7 year old daughter.

They couldn’t be happier with the service they’ve received as Baden explained, “This is an important investment in the future of your children and it’s crucial that you get the right level of service and the right people.”

“We approached K & C Tutors in March 2011 with a view to arranging piano lessons for our daughter and Latin lessons for our son and have since applied the same principle to other subjects including preparing our son for his 11 plus exams.

“The Latin lessons were outstanding and, as a brand new subject, we’re pleased to say that our son loved it. One of the main reasons for this was the quality and integrity of the tutor.

“Her preparation for each lesson was thorough and her manner impeccable. The strong relationship they built up made the process of learning so much more fun for our son. Solid foundations were laid that will assist our son with his future foreign language development.

“In the case of our daughter the piano lessons soon evolved into singing and performance as well. Just like our son, the relationship established with the tutor played a big part in the success of the lessons.

“We specifically asked for a tutor who would not be too pushy or severe and we’ve seen a noticeable increase in our daughter’s performance. Once again the emphasis was on fun and this makes all the difference.

“We went on to get private tuition in English and Maths for our daughter and requested a similarly easy going tutor for these subjects. That’s exactly what we get and it says something when your child looks forward to private tuition after a day at school,” addedBaden.

Nevil Chiles, who established K & C Tutors in 2002, is clear as to why so many of his clients speak in glowing terms about the services they receive: “It’s about maintaining the highest of standards when it comes to the tutors used.

“Each and every one is personally vetted and interviewed by K & C. I certainly would not want to entrust my children’s education in the hands of a tutor that is not up to the job and that is why we’ve conducted over 2000 interviews over the past decade,” added Nevil.

The final word belongs to Paula who is now a real convert to private tuition: “Dealing with an organisation like K & C has always been very easy and they’ve always interpreted our requests accurately. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any parents looking to follow a similar path for their children.”

“All in all I’d give K & C and their committed tutors ten out of ten and I intend to use them on an ongoing basis.”

For more details visit You can follow Nevil on Twitter @kandctutors


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